• Speaker: Dr Michael Assis, CARMA, The University of Newcastle
  • Title: Exactly solved origami statistical mechanics
  • Location: Room V205, Mathematics Building (Callaghan Campus) The University of Newcastle
  • Time and Date: 3:00 pm, Wed, 2nd Aug 2017
  • Abstract:

    I will discuss how to relate regular origami tilings to vertex models in statistical mechanics. The Miura-ori origami pattern has found many uses in engineering as an auxetic metamaterial. I analyze the effect of crease assignment defects on the long-range order properties of the Miura-ori and 4 other foldable lattices. These defects are known to affect the material's compressibility properties, so my exact results help to understand how easy it is to tune an origami metamaterial to have desired compressibility properties by introducing a set density of defects. I have found that certain origami patterns are more easily tunable than others, and conversely, the long-range ordering of some are more stable with respect to defect formation. I have also found analytical expressions for the locations of phase transition points with respect to crease assignment ordering as well as layer ordering.

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