• Speaker: Prof. Eric Beh, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, The University of Newcastle
  • Title: The good, the bad and the ugly of data visualisation: a journey through the news and social media
  • Location: (Online Campus)
  • Time and Date: 4:00 pm, Thu, 28th Oct 2021
  • Zoom only: https://uonewcastle.zoom.us/j/84090094035?pwd=MDZ0VjNhUzhMWWN5RnpCd0g3ZjNZdz09
    Password: CARMA
  • 4pm for the talk (or come earlier for casual chat and virtual drinks if you like, from around 3:30pm)
  • Abstract:

    We are all surrounded by data and the easiest way to understand what it is trying to tell us is to draw a picture that helps summarise them in some way. Often, standard visual techniques (like histograms and bar charts) are used, and used well but sometimes they aren’t. With the advent of new technologies that are now widely accessible to industry and the general public, there have been many attempts at proposing new ways of visualising data. Some of them have been very helpful while others have been less than useful. In this talk I shall present an overview of good, bad, and plain ugly attempts to visualise data in the news and social media and explain what makes them so. There will be zero maths involved, but plenty of pretty (and not so pretty) pictures . . . in colour.

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