Zero-Dimensional Symmetry Seminar

2:00 pm

Tuesday, 27th Nov 2018

LG 17, McMullin

Dr Alejandra Garrido

(The University of Newcastle)

Hausdorff dimension and normal subgroups of free-like pro-p groups

Hausdorff dimension has become a standard tool to measure the "size" of fractals in real space. However, it can be defined on any metric space and therefore can be used to measure the "size" of subgroups of, say, pro-p groups (with respect to a chosen metric). This line of investigation was started 20 years ago by Barnea and Shalev, who showed that p-adic analytic groups do not have any "fractal" subgroups, and asked whether this characterises them among finitely generated pro-p groups. I will explain what all of this means and report on joint work with Oihana Garaialde and Benjamin Klopsch in which, while trying to solve this problem, we ended up showing an analogue of a theorem of Schreier in the context of pro-p groups of positive rank gradient: any finitely generated infinite normal subgroup of a pro-p group of positive rank gradient is of finite index. I will also explain what "positive rank gradient" means, and why pro-p groups with such a property are "free-like".