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CARMA Official Opening – Post-Event Programme and Photos

Presentations are available for most talks below (click on the title of a talk for a link to the PDF file).
Photographs are now available.

CARMA Official Opening and Conference
30 October – 1 November 2009
V205 and V206

Friday 30 October 2009 – Official Opening

1.00 pmLunch on arrival and viewing of rooms
2.30 pmWelcome by Vice Chancellor Prof. Nick Saunders and DVCR Prof. Mike Calford (with introduction by Laureate Prof. Jon Borwein)
3.00 pmWelcome Reception
4.00 pmKeynote Speaker – Tony Guttmann
"The Ising Model Susceptibility"
Saturday 31 October 2009 – Functional Analysis

9.30 amKeynote Speaker – Warren Moors:
"On the Topology of Pointwise Convergence on the Boundaries of L1-preduals"
10.30 amMorning Tea
11.00 amJon Borwein
"Fifty Years of Maximal Monotonicity"
11.30 amScott Sciffer
12.00 noonBrailey Sims
"Banach Space Geometry and Fixed Point Theory"
12.30 pmLunch
Saturday 31 October 2009 – Analysis and Number Theory

1.30 pmKeynote Speaker – Richard Brent:
"The Great Trinomial Hunt"
2.30 pmJeff Hogan
"Wavelets, Sampling and Synchronization"
3.00 pmWadim Zudilin
"Arithmetic Problems for Riemann's Zeta Values"*
3.30 pmBishnu Lamichhane
"Biorthogonal System in Approximation Theory"
4.00 pmAfternoon Tea
6.30 pmDinner in honour of Prof. John Giles with dinner speaker Gerry Joseph
Sunday 1 November 2009 – Optimization and Operations Research

9.30 amKeynote Speaker – Andrew Eberhard
"Algorithms for Utility Function Approximation"
10.30 amMorning Tea
11.00 amMasoud Talebian
"Requiring Minimum Sales Volume to Trigger a Commission Increase"
11.30 amFaramroze Engineer
"A Branch-Price-and-Cut Algorithm for a Maritime Inventory Routing Problem"
12.00 noonNatashia Boland
"Robust Airline Scheduling: Improving Schdule Robustness with Flight Re-timing and Aircraft Swapping"*
12.30 pmLunch

Slides from
Hamish Waterer
""Using Mathematics to Maximize the Efficiency of Shared Infrastructure in Australia's Coal Export Supply Chain"
* Slides not available.