Indigenising University Mathematics Project

“Indigenising University Mathematics” is a priority of CARMA and the CARMA Education and Equity research group. This is a broad worldwide endeavour to which CARMA is just one contributor.

Contact: Judy-anne Osborn

Community of Practice

At the first “Indigenising University Mathematics" Symposium (20-21 Sept 2021 AEST), the participants expressed interest in forming a "Community of Practice". CARMA will support this in various ways, including hosting 4 annual online meetings/yarning sessions. The first will be in November, 2021, precise date to be determined. Judy-anne will be contacting participants to ask about suitable times/dates and posting the date once it is decided on this page.

Participants expressed an interest in ongoing conversations around ideas including: what we can each individually do in our practices and our teaching to promote justice, what Indigenous Mathematics is, the nature of Mathematics, potential for a Special Interest Group within the AustMS/other organisations, and the possibility of (an) Accord(s) between Mathematical Communities and Indigenous Communities. Quite a few are already writing in these areas as part of who we are and what we do. Some are writing or have already written about the Symposium itself.

The writing, book project, meetings and organisations listed below all also provide opportunities for growing/extending an emerging Community of Practice.


Sophie Raynor's Blog:

Edited Book Project

In our CARMA Education and Equity research group we are working on putting together an edited book on the topic of “Indigenising University Mathematics”. The aim is to help us all, as a community, develop our thinking and our shared knowledge. Tentatively, the book is organised around the Conference themes, with possibly some extras. We are in discussions with a potential publisher. We hope to launch a call for contributions around December 2021.



Indigenising University Mathematics, specifically:

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