CARMA Workshop on

Mathematical Systems Theory and Applications

7-8 December, 2017

Moot Courtroom (room X-703), The University of Newcastle

(City Campus)

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Thursday, 7 December 2017

0850—0900 Welcome

0900—0930 Andrew Fleming, University of Newcastle
"Optimization Challenges in Maskless Lithography"
0935—1010 Andrea Serrani, The Ohio State University
"A Combined Reference Management and Anti-Windup Modification for Adaptive Airspeed Control of Hypersonic Vehicles under Input Constraints"
1010—1045 Paul M. J. Van den Hof, Eindhoven University of Technology
"Data-driven modelling in dynamic networks"

1045—1100 Coffee Break

1100—1135 Thomas Schön, Uppsala University
"On the construction of probabilistic Newton-type algorithms"
1135—1210 Vera Roshchina, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and
Federation University Australia
"A counterexample to De Pierro's conjecture"
1210—1245 Jacquelien Scherpen, University of Groningen
"Model order reduction and composite control of slow-fast systems around hyperbolic and non-hyperbolic points"

1245—1400 Lunch

1400—1435 Giordano Scarciotti, Imperial College
"A stochastic Sylvester equation for output regulation and model reduction of linear stochastic systems"
1435—1510 Pauline Bernhard, MINES ParisTech
"Observer design for nonlinear systems"
1510—1545 Lorenzo Marconi, University of Bologna
"Low-Power High-Gain Observers"
1545—1600 Coffee Break
1600—1635 Chris Kellett, University of Newcastle
"Optimal control and the economics of climate change"
1635—1710 Timm Faulwasser, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
"Stochastic Discount Rates in Optimal Control: A Case Study in Climate-Economy Assessment"

Friday, 8 December 2017

0900—0935 Björn Rüffer, University of Newcastle
"A Lyapunov function construction for the Douglas-Rachford operator in a non-convex setting"
0935—1010 Philipp Braun, University of Newcastle
"(Nonsmooth) control Lyapunov functions: Discussions on stability, instability, and obstacle avoidance"
1010—1045 Hiroshi Ito, Kyushu Institute of Technology
"How far is the state of iISS connection going to escape?"

1045—1100 Coffee Break

1100—1135 Antoine Chaillet, CentraleSupélec University Paris Saclay
"Is a point-wise dissipation enough for ISS in time-delay systems?"
1135—1210 Christophe Prieur, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
"ISS of hyperbolic systems: Application to quantized and event-based boundary control of conservation laws"
1210—1245 Delphine Bresch-Pietri, MINES ParisTech
"Robust compensation of a chattering time-varying input delay with jumps"

1245—1400 Lunch

1400—1435 Lars Grüne, University of Bayreuth
"Turnpike behaviour and strict dissipativity of optimal control problems with and without state constraints"
1435—1510 Marleen Stieler, University of Bayreuth
"Dissipativity and turnpike phenomena for multi-objective optimal control problems"
1510—1545 Martin Guay, Queen's University
"Extremum seeking control for minimum phase nonlinear systems"

1545—1600 Coffee Break

1600—1635 Luca Zaccarian, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and University of Trento
"GAS of PID-based feedback of motion systems with Coulomb friction and a reset-based law for transient improvement"
1635—1710 Steve Weller, University of Newcastle
"A strict monotonicity property of all-pole systems"