Winter of

June-August, 2016


In June-August 2016, the Universities of Newcastle, Melbourne and Sydney are hosting the `Winter of Disconnectedness', a series of workshops and seminars on the topic of totally disconnected, locally compact (t.d.l.c.) groups. The current state of knowledge of simple t.d.l.c. groups and efforts towards their classification will be a theme running through the program, although simple groups will not be the only focus.

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MATRIX Workshop, June 27th — July 8th

Short course speakers:
  • Helge Glöckner, Lie groups over local fields
  • George Willis, The scale, tidy subgroups and flat groups
  • Anne Thomas, Lattices and automorphism groups of combinatorial structures
  • Phillip Wesolek, Elementary groups

AMSI Workshop, July 25th — August 5th.

Short course speakers:
  • John Wilson, Profinite groups
  • Adrien le Boudec, Simple groups of almost automorphisms of trees
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace, Locally normal subgroups and local decomposition theory
  • Colin Reid, Normal subgroup structure
Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace, Murray Elder, Jacqui Ramagge, Colin Reid, Anne Thomas, George Willis
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