CARMA Research Group

Data Science

About us

Leader: Ali Eshragh

This research group aims to establish research projects in the broad area of Data Science spanning from data mining and statistical data analysis to machine learning and optimisation. The research activities in this group are spanning from theoretical projects to practical applications and industrial consultations. In particular, our members work in:

(i) Bayesian statistics,

(ii) Correspondence analysis,

(iii) Distribution theory,

(iv) Ecological statistics,

(v) Markov decision processes and reinforcement learning,

(vi) Optimisation for machine learning,

(vii) Prescriptive analytics: Data-driven decision making,

(viii) Statistical learning and data mining,

(ix) Systems and process improvement,

(x) Time series forecasting.

We are pleased to announce that we intend to organise ongoing yearly workshops titled "Data Science Down Under" with specific underlying theme for each year. The details of our inaugural year, 2019, are provided on the workshop website below: