CARMA Research Group

Education and Equity

About us

Leader: Liz Stojanovski

We have interests spanning tertiary and secondary mathematics education, with strong threads relating to equity, enabling and excellence. Topics of interest to our group members include: inquiry learning, inquiring learning as benefiting equity and access, the relationship between formal and informal learning, computational and algorithmic thinking, the use of ICT and more broadly of Tools in teaching and learning mathematics and statistics, experimental mathematics and visualisation as learning and engagement tools, the fitness for purpose of textbooks in learning, cognitive load theory, dispositions that promote learning, growth mindsets, problem and project based learning, authentic learning, learning communities and communities of practice.

We have close connections in the Centre for Teaching and Learning, the English Language and Foundations studies unit and the Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education (CEEHE).


Members of this research group:

  • Dr Judy-anne Osborn
  • Dr Andrew Kepert
  • Assoc Prof Peter Howley
  • Dr Robert King
  • Dr Elizabeth Stojanovski
  • Dr Mike Meylan
  • Ms Amber Hughes
  • Dr Naomi Borwein, University of Western Ontario
  • Dr Veselin Jungic, Simon Fraser University
  • Professor Rob Corless, University of Western Ontario
  • Dr Michael Donovan, Macquarie University