AMSSC 2011

9-10th June, 2011
Monash University, Clayton, Victoria

A short history:

The first Australian Mathematical Sciences Students Conference was held at Monash University in 2011, originally intended as the second iteration of a one-day conference organised by PhD students at the University of Melbourne in 2010 — The Victorian Mathematics and Statistics Students' conference. The organisational committee consisted of myself, David Hartley, Marsha Minchenko, David Fear, Luke Hande and Sangeeta Jhanjee. As soon as we started planning the conference, we decided to look into funding possibilities so that we could invite some interstate students, and this is how the AMSSC was born. I don't recall now who volunteered to host the conference in 2012, but somehow it didn't work out so the second conference wasn't until 2013 when it was passed on to ANU and then the conference seemed to have enough momentum to keep going. Thankfully the pictures from the 2011 conference were able to be found and can be found below.

— Stephen McCormick