Mathematics 2600, Semester II, 2008


Course Outline (Room V105) and my Math Portal


Lecture Schedule


Topics July 29th to August 19th (Mainly Maple) 

Early Course Material is largely out of indicated sections in the Maple Primer.  We shall add other useful things and make no attempt to be comprehensive.

The First Tutorial Test held on August 21st . It is open book and consists of 4 Maple tasks (10 marks) and 10 multiple choice questions (10 marks). It should take an hour but you can use the full two hours in your assigned tutorial.
The Second Tutorial Test held on September 25th. It has the same structure as the first. Its primary aim is to confirm that you have mastered more Maple.

Topics Weeks 6-10 (Meet the Web) 


August 26th and September 2nd: is based on “What’s New, What’s possible, What’s coming.” (PDF in Texts below)

September 9th and 16th (PPT): are based on “Ten things to Try” (PDF in Texts below). Bring a printed copy to class. September 9th will include a First Discussion of Projects.

September 23rd (PPT): the lecture will be based on Writing Procedures in Maple

Topics Weeks 11-14 (Making it Work) 

October 14th (PPT), October 21 and 28 (PPT). Procedures, initialization files and graphical programs; and as time permits lectures based on the “The Computer as Crucible (PDF in Texts below), the lectures can be viewed as Putting everything together….


Maple worksheets: Week Two | Week Three | Week Four | Week Five | Test 1A Answers | Week Seven | Explorations (Sept 2-16, PDF)| 3n+1 problem | Sept 9 and 16 | Sept 23 and maple.ini |Oct 14| |Oct 21| Test 2A Answers and Test 2B Answers|

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Course Texts (All in Adobe Acrobat)

Maple Primer

What’s New, Possible, What’s and Coming

Ten Things to Try

Computer as Crucible with Cartoons

Extra Material (All in Adobe Acrobat)

History of Technology

Assignment’ (29/07)

Pi: a History

Introduction to Knot Theory

Latex Manual

Portrait 4 Manual

"Guesstimation" and Fermi Problems

Introduction to Odd Perfect Numbers

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