Number Theory Online Conference


3—5 June, 2020

Venue: Online using Zoom and iSee.

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The conference is over

Links to videos for some of the talks will be posted shortly. And what is a conference without a group photo? Two have been added below!

About the Conference

This will be a conference bringing together researchers in all areas of Number Theory. It will be held online, so instead of being localised geographically, it will be localised in a range of time-zones, specifically time-zones near Australia. Thus most participants are from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Holding conferences online rather than in person has many benefits. The necessity in the time of COVID-19 is obvious: in-person conferences are currently impossible and will most likely remain impossible or at best inadvisable for the rest of 2020. Furthermore, even after this emergency has passed, we should be holding more events online, as this greatly reduces the financial and environmental impact of academic conference travel.

Conferences play a very important social role in academia, and this can be hard replicate online. For this reason we will host the conference using the iSee platform, which is a 3D virtual environment where participants can mingle in a natural way between talks, facilitating networking and initiating new collaborations in a way that other video-conferencing platforms can't match.

Group Photos

Click each image for a larger version.

Group photo in iSee Group photo in Zoom


You can download a PDF version of the schedule, which includes abstracts.

Time AESTWednesday 3 JuneSlidesVideo
10h30-11h00Felipe VolochSha versus the Volcano
(not recorded)
11h30-12h00Bo-Hae ImWaring's problem for rational functions in one variable(not recorded)
12h30-13h00Igor ShparlinskiDenominators of rational numbers in or close to the Cantor setPDF iconVideo thumbnail
14h00-14h30Tim TrudgianZeta zeroes: mind the gap!Video thumbnail
15h00-15h30Thomas MorrillLook, KnaveVideo thumbnail
Time AESTThursday 4 JuneSlidesVideo
10h00-10h50Julie WangOn Pisot's d-th root conjecture for function fields and related GCD estimatesPDF iconVideo thumbnail
11h00-11h30Jon GranthamBinary and Ternary Curves of Fixed Genus and Gonality with Many PointsPDF iconVideo thumbnail
12h00-12h30Elisa BellahNorm Form Equations and Linear Divisibility SequencesVideo thumbnail
14h00-14h30Matteo BordignonPartial Gaussian sums and Pólya–Vinogradov inequality for primitive charactersVideo thumbnail
Time AESTFriday 5 JuneSlidesVideo
10h00-10h50Daniel DelbourgoVariation of Iwasawa invariants over number fieldsVideo thumbnail
11h00-11h30Fu-Tsun WeiOn class number relations and intersections over function fieldsPDF iconVideo thumbnail
12h00-12h30Peng-Jie WongRefinements of Strong Multiplicity One for GL(2)Video thumbnail
14h00-14h30Mumtaz HussainUniform Diophantine approximation: improving Dirichlet's theoremVideo thumbnail

Important Dates

Titles and abstracts due: 22 May 2020
Registration closes: 29 May 2020
Conference: 3-5 June 2020 (Wed-Fri)

Abstract Submission

Abstracts can be submitted through our abstract submission system, and close on 22 May. You need to register for the system: a confirmation link will be emailled to you. You can use basic Latex code in your abstract (but not, for example, environments or figures).


You can register now through the conference Eventbrite page. Please note that this is a separate process to submitting your abstract.

AMSI requires us to charge a registration fee. If you have unspent (and currently unspendable) travel funds, you can use them to pay the registration fee below. Otherwise, feel free to ask for a fee waiver (do so by "buying" one free "Apply for fee waiver" ticket, and not the "Full Registration" or "AMSI/AustMS/ANZIAM member" tickets) . The registration fees are as follows:

Full registration fee:AUD$75
Reduced fee (AMSI, AustMS or ANZIAM members):AUD$50


The workshop will be held completely on-line. Details of the software are sent to registrants.


  • Florian Breuer (University of Newcastle)
  • Michael Coons (University of Newcastle)
  • Thomas Morrill (UNSW Canberra)
  • Alina Ostafe (UNSW)
  • David Allingham (University of Newcastle)
  • Juliane Turner (University of Newcastle)

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact

Juliane Turner

Telephone: (02) 492 15483