Jon Borwein's Mathematics Portal


The following is a list of useful math tools. The distinction between categories is somewhat arbitrary.

    Utilities (General)

  1. The Mathematics of Planet Earth (2013)
  2. MathWebSearch (Searching Math symbolically on the Web)
  3. ChebFun (Numerical computing with functions)
  4. Eureqa Formula Discoverer from Cornell Creative Machines Lab
  5. The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
  6. ISC2.0: The Inverse Symbolic Calculator
  7. 3D Function Grapher
  8. Julia and Mandelbrot Set Explorer
  9. The KnotPlot Site
  10. Doron Zeilberger's website
  11. The Cinderella Geometry Site
  12. The CARMA Douglas-Rachford pages
    1. Simple Douglas-Rachford (in Cinderella)
    2. Composite Douglas-Rachford (in Cinderella)
    3. Multiple Iterates Douglas-Rachford (in Cinderella)
    4. Circle and halfline Douglas-Rachford (in Cinderella)
    5. Matt Tam's summer 2011-12 project: Failure of projection methods without convexity
  13. The CARMA Walking on Numbers Project
    1. Jake Fountain's summer 2011-12 project: Visualizing numbers as walks

    Utilities (Special)

  14. Auto-simplifying Large Symbolic Expressions (Code)
  15. BBP Digit Database
  16. Integer Relations Interface: PSLQ and LLL
  17. EZ Face: Evaluation of Euler Sums and Multiple Zeta Values
  18. Graffiti: Automated and Computer Assisted Conjectures in Graph Theory
  19. ProofWeb a system for teaching logic and for using proof assistants through the web
  20. Embree-Trefethen-Wright Pseudospectra and Eigenproblems
  21. Symbolic and Numeric Convex Analysis Tools
  22. MomEnt+ Web Interface
  23. Reference

  24. swMATH (an information service for mathematical software)
  25. Dynamic Dictionary of Mathematical Functions
  26. NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions
  27. Experimental Mathematics Website
  28. Numbers, Constants, and Computation
  29. Numbers: the Competition
  30. The Prime Pages
  31. MathResource Online Dictionary
  32. Content

  33. Math in the Media (from the AMS)
  34. EMIS-Springer Encyclopedia of Mathematics (wiki with open access)
  35. My opinion pieces and blog at Math Drudge
  36. Wolfram Mathworld
  37. Planet Math
  38. Wikipedia: Mathematics
  39. Euclid in Java
  40. Finch's Mathematical Constants
  41. Math Courses 2014

  42. Pure and Applied Experimental Mathematics
    Given over the AMSI Access Grid Network
  43. Math Courses 2011

  44. Multi Zeta Values (MZV) Honours Course 2010 (Borwein and Zudilin)
    Given over the AMSI Access Grid Network
  45. Math Courses 2010

  46. Experimental Mathematics Honours Course 2010
    Given over the AMSI Access Grid Network
  47. Math Courses 2009

  48. Experimental Mathematics Honours Course 2009
  49. Mathematics of Inverse Problems
  50. Math Software Course 2008

  51. Jon Borwein's M2600 Material
  52. ICCOPT Short Course (August) 2007

  53. Jon Borwein's Talks
  54. Russell Luke's Talk
  55. David Bailey's Talk
  56. MAA Summer Seminar (July) 2007

  57. Handout
  58. Slides (I), Slides (II), Slides (III),
  59. Appendices: Log Concavity, Integer Relations, Strange Functions
  60. That's Mathematics! and a 3.14 Minute Movie
  61. Ferguson's Art on Display and Article about Ferguson
  62. Maple Worksheets: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 5, Chapter 7