CARMA Retreat 2015

9:00 am - 6:00 pm, Saturday 5th September

Harbourview Function Centre, Newcastle foreshore

Student and post-doc talks are 25 minutes including 5 minutes for questions. Others are 30 minutes. You can view the abstracts here or click on each title.

9:00-9:30Jon Borwein"Presentation on CARMA"
9:30-9:55Ohad Giladi"Concentration around a hyperplane in a quasi-normed space"[PDF of talk]
10:10-10:35David Franklin"Hardy Spaces and Paley-Wiener Spaces for Clifford-valued functions"[PDF of talk]
10:35-11:00John Harrison"Asymptotic behaviour of matrix random walks"
11:00-11:25Colin Reid"Chief series of locally compact groups"[PDF of talk]
11:25-11:50Salman Cheema"How Large Should a Large Aggregate Association Index (AAI) be?"
11:50-12:15Nathan Van Maastricht"Computational Approaches to Finding Extremal Graphs"
1:00-1:30Garth Tarr"Robust methods and model selection"[PDF of talk]
1:30-1:55Duy Tran"The Aggregate Association Index to the Case of Stratified 2x2 Tables"[PDF of talk]
1:55-2:25Björn Rüffer"The dynamics of monotone vector inequalities"[PDF of talk]
2:25-2:50Duc Tran"Equivalences of Stability Properties for Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems and extensions"[PDF of talk]
2:50-3:15Andrew Thursby"Software for Education: Gamification Techniques to Support Online and Traditional Learning Methods"
3:30-3:55Dushyant Tanna"Reflexive irregular total labeling"
3:55-4:20Amir Salehipour"Tools to analyze impact of backtest overfitting on investment strategies"[PDF of talk]
4:20-4:40Sudeep Stephen"Power Domination in de Bruijn and Kautz digraphs"
4:40-5:00Cyriac Grigorious"On the Metric Dimension of Extended de Bruijn Digraphs and Extended Kautz Digraphs"[PDF of talk]
5:00-5:20R. Sundara Rajan"On Network Embeddings"
5:20-5:45Paul Vrbik"Yet Another Proof of Sylvester's Identity"[PDF of talk]
6:00Dinner at Six Degrees Restaurant, directly under Harbourview Function Centre (formerly Blue Water Pizza)