Workshop on
Analysis and its Applications
in Honour of

Brailey Sims

Friday 21st — Sunday 23rd August, 2015
Venue: Room V111, The University of Newcastle


All talks will be held in room V111, along with most of the meals and coffee breaks. Afternoon tea on Friday will be held upstairs in V205, and the reception on Friday evening in V215 (the Maths tearoom). The dinner will be held at Merewether Surf House, Henderson Parade, Merewether.



The schedule of talks has been released.


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A three-day workshop in honour of Brailey Sims. The workshop will be accompanied by a reception and a dinner (MC'd by Gerard Joseph (IBM Canberra)) in honour of Brailey Sims' retirement.

Confirmed external participants include:

  • Chris Lennard (Pittsburgh)
  • Warren Moors (Auckland)
  • Aidan Sims (Wollongong)
  • Sompong Dhompongsa (Chiang Mai)
  • Suthep Suanti (Chiang Mai)


There is no charge for attending the workshop, but please register at Eventbrite if you wish to attend.


The conference will be held in V111 in the Mathematics Building at the University of Newcastle (but Friday's afternoon tea will be in V205 and the reception is in V215). A map of the campus is available here, click on "V Mathematics" in the list below the map to highlight its position.


Friday 21st August

2:00Aidan Sims (University of Wollongong)
"On ultramethods in parenting: life as the first derivative of a smooth operator"
3:00Coffee (in V205 - CARMA)
3:30Ian Searston (University of Newcastle)
"Brailey and spaces of non-positive curvature"
PDF of talk
4:00Theo Bendit (University of Newcastle)
"Spaces of convex sets"
PDF of talk
4:30John Giles (University of Newcastle)
"Varieties of Smoothness and Rotundity"
PDF of talk
5:00Łukasz Piasecki (Lublin Poland)
"Some characterizations of Lindenstrauss spaces whose duals lack the weak^* fixed point property for nonexpansive mappings"
PDF of talk
5:30Reception (in V215 - Maths Tea Room)

Saturday 22nd August

9:30Chris Lennard (University of Pittsburgh)
"Recent developments in fixed point and Banach space theory"
10:30Coffee (in V111 foyer)
11:00Suthep Suanti (Chiang Mai University)
"Fixed Point Theorems for G-Nonexpansive Mappings in Banach Spaces"
12:00Jamnian Nantadilok (Lampang Rajabhat University)
"Coupled Best Proximity Point Theorems for α-ψ-Proximal Contractive Multimaps"
12:30Lunch (in V111 foyer)
2:30Warren Moors (University of Auckland)
"Semitopological groups versus topological groups"
3:30Ali Eshragh (University of Newcastle)
"Fisher Information, stochastic processes and generating functions"
PDF of talk
4:00Coffee (in V111 foyer)
4:30Mike Meylan (University of Newcastle)
"Extraordinary transmission, symmetry and the Blaschke Product"
PDF of talk
5:00Chris Kellett (University of Newcastle)
"Complete Lyapunov Functions and Control"
PDF of talk
6:30Conference Dinner
Master of Ceremonies: Gerard Joseph, IBM Canberra. Venue: Merewether Surf House, Henderson Parade, Merewether. After-dinner talk by Jon Borwein: "Brailey and Me (and You)".
PDF of talk

Sunday 23rd August

10:00Jeff Hogan (University of Newcastle)
"Computing bandpass prolates"
PDF of talk
10:30Mumtaz Hussain (University of Newcastle)
"Solubility of inhomogeneous wave equation and metric Diophantine approximation"
PDF of talk
11:00Coffee (in V111 foyer)
11:30Ohad Giladi (University of Newcastle)
"Convexity on groups and semigroups"
PDF of talk
12:00Bishnu Lamichhane (University of Newcastle)
"Stabilized mixed finite element methods based on biorthogonal systems for nearly incompressible elasticity"
PDF of talk
12:30Brailey Sims (University of Newcastle)
"The dual life of a smooth operator"
1:00Lunch (in V111 foyer)

Additional contributed paper

 Tim Dalby
"A Characterisation of the Non-strict Opial Condition"
PDF of talk

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