Lectures for Paseky: Theory and Applications of Convex and Non-convex Feasibility Problems

The page contains Laureate Professor Jonathan Borwein's lecture and accompanying material for the 2015 Spring School on Variational Analysis.

  1. Lecture Slides by Chapter:
    1. Introduction. Hi-Res PDF (0.7MB), PDF (0.2MB)
    2. Convex Feasibility Problems. Hi-Res PDF (5.8MB), PDF (0.7MB)
    3. The Douglas Rachford Reflection Method and Generalizations. Hi-Res PDF (0.8MB), PDF (0.8MB)
    4. Douglas-Rachford Iterations in the Absence of Convexity. Hi-Res PDF (41.3MB), PDF (1.2MB)
    5. Application to Matrix Completion Problems. Hi-Res PDF (24.5MB), PDF (1.2MB)

  2. Lecture Handouts:
    • The complete lectures as handouts. Hi-Res PDF (60MB), PDF (1.6MB).

  3. Amalgamated Lecture Slides:
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